Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Tea Party is Angry!

From The Los Angeles Times:

Angry tea party activists say Mitt Romney was too moderate and the GOP undermined 'true conservative' candidates.

Finally, some accurate reporting about the election!

…for conservatives who identify with the tea party, one emotion seemed to dominate all others: a white-hot anger at the Republican establishment. Tea party supporters are angry at the GOP for embracing as its presidential nominee a "moderate" like Romney. For undermining "true conservative" candidates. And for "choosing to ignore" the conservative agenda.

Yes!  If only they listened to Dr. Paul!

The widely syndicated conservative radio host Mark Levin, a hero to many in the tea party movement, could barely contain his rage at the establishment after the election results were in.

"The very people who keep nominating moderates now call us purists, the way the left calls us purists," Levin said Wednesday. "And we have to hear this crap from pseudo-conservatives and Republicans."

Wait.  I don’t think Levin is a Ron Paul kind-of-guy….

…Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, one of the country's largest tea party groups, said conservatives had wanted a candidate like President Reagan.

Of course, now it is clear!


  1. Reagan wouldn't have made it out of the primaries.

    1. If my suspicions about this are correct (and this news only adds to these), Rand will.

    2. The key to the never ending puppet show that is the American political process might be looking several moves ahead. To quote from your previous post -

      "Imagine four more years of economic malaise (the best case?). Budget deficits continuing, unemployment rising, inflation as measured by the CPI showing a nasty trend. The Republicans know this is likely as do the oligarchs. I believe, even more so, those in power realize that a step back must be taken – the chaos that is possible with a continuation of present policies might be helpful for those in control, but nothing is certain in this age of internet. Too many people are being exposed to truths that they might not have seen in decades past."

      TPTB must realize that "extend and pretend" can't last much longer. If interest rates rise while incomes fall, to the point that the entire tax take will not pay the vig on the debt (I believe it's about 25% now with ZIRP), it's game over. A Ron Paul Lite, that would allow the MICC some breathing room when the free money spigot dries up, might be just the ticket. Bread and circuses, or a rational and Constitutional national defense; choose one when Reagan's small-enough-bathtub starts overflowing. (I'm not optimistic, though; I expect it will be full-on Fourth Reich.)

      My goodness, I'm glad I found your site, thanks to TDB and LRC! I'm always late to the good parties.