Friday, September 14, 2012

Not so Funny

While perusing Zero Hedge today, I came across the following:

Meanwhile In Sudan... A man celebrates QE3.

Meanwhile In Lebanon And Tunisia…Celebrations of QE are now officially sweeping the globe.

These snippets were accompanied by pictures showing protestors burning American flags, etc.

The posts are typical of Zero Hedge’s often sarcastic style.  But then I thought for a moment…there is nothing sarcastic about these posts.  Of course, the protestors are not burning flags directly because of infinite QE and beyond.  But indirectly…?

They are.  Central banking in general, and the Fed in this specific case, makes possible government growth to an extent not possible under a free market, honest-money system.  Absent the Fed, much of U.S. history during the last 100 years would be quite different – and certainly the over-reaching foreign adventures would not have been possible.

Whether these protestors know it or not, they ARE protesting QE∞.  It is the central bank that has made possible the funding of the interventions that cause many around the world to have anger toward the United States.

This is the lesson for the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  This is where the 99% would do better to focus their attention.  Purposefully or not, they seem to have discovered this elsewhere in the world.

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