Friday, June 29, 2012

Daily Bell Comments to Return

With a condition:

Coming Back Soon ... Daily Bell Feedback. However, both authorization to participate in the discussion and access to read the feedback will be contingent upon membership in the Internet Reformation Party's Global Movement for Real Change. Details will be forthcoming shortly as the Global Movement for Real Change launches here at the Daily Bell – Home of the Internet Reformation! (Hint: One of many exciting features to come with your membership to the Internet Reformation Party, is a FREE webmail account – That way, when we are spreading the word, we do so together and bring a wave of influence to all who offend our ability to celebrate our individual freedom – memento mori!)

On the one hand, I am pleased with this as I believe the comments were an important part of what made the Daily Bell valuable (although, as previously mentioned, my views changed on this over time).

On the other hand, what’s with the membership requirement?  I will wait for the details.  Perhaps it is a way to keep some of the riff-raff off of the comments section – as I mentioned previously:

The host had a very difficult job – to try to find a path that allowed the most free-flowing conversation while still maintaining some sense of integrity in the community.

To do so in an open-access internet forum is quite difficult.  The Daily Bell managed to do so for an exceptionally long period of time.  I can understand the desire to find a way to manage this.

Sadly, the one specific “riff-raff” that caused me to decide to stop posting will likely be a charter member of this club.

I am looking forward to the details of this membership, and will watch the postings for a time.  Perhaps I will decide to join again.  Whether I do or not is not a statement on the work Mr. Wile has done – he has created a most wonderful site that I have found to be very helpful to me in both my education and in developing my logic and writing skills. I still enjoy visiting the site, especially on Saturday when Mr. Wile writes his own commentary.

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  1. Notice the success of Zerohedge. And notice the way statists lose every round there. I believe that is the wave of the future. Bad ideas win by default and silencing the debate only prevents people from seeing the absurdity of some of the fantastic premises they reveal when forced to justify their positions. Too bad about DB. It never would have made it that far as a 'megaphone'. --John Danforth--