Friday, August 6, 2010

Why the Wars?

It is interesting to consider what it is the PE are after via these wars. The other day in the comments at the Daily Bell, Bill Ross suggested that the objective of the PE might be a thinning of the population in order to conserve resources. I consider Bill Ross to be well-thought out in his posts, and I do not dismiss his views lightly – I don’t dismiss them at all, and consider them carefully. I have also considered this view as possible, but am swayed toward another possibility – drawing upon comments from both The Daily Bell and Dr. Gary North. No one can ever accuse me of having an original thought!

The Daily Bell has consistently stated the purpose is control. Control via establishment of a western style regulatory democracy. Dr. North has written many articles recently on the general theme of the power elite. In one, he made a stunningly simple yet powerful point – the power elite want wealth. Wealth is represented by the owning of productive assets – and these are only productive to the extent that there are customers willing and able to pay for the goods and services that are produced via these assets.

So, for the PE to want a drastic reduction in population, they must willingly want to reduce their wealth – fewer customers to sell to and fewer hosts to leach from equals less wealth. There may be valid reasons for the PE to purposely want to become poorer (relatively). It certainly could be true if a) the world’s natural resources are limited (may or may not be true), and b) if true, there would be no wealth to be generated by developing alternatives to the diminishing resources. I believe this second possibility is on its face not true (especially for those who have their hands on the levers of the regulatory mechanisms. If alternatives to today’s resources are one day required, there are untold trillions to be made by those who develop the alternatives…but only if there are customers! Killing half the population also reduces half the wealth earning opportunity for the elite.

So, I am further swayed to the view that the purpose of the wars is control – to bring more customers into the fold and to bring more hosts for the leaches. The purpose is to bring more people under the tent in order to become victims of central banking, taxation, and other control tools that stealthily or not so stealthily transfer wealth from the masses to the few. Western style regulatory democracy is a system that allows for many ways for the cream to be skimmed off the top by those on the top.

Via money printing / inflation – a few pennies per year out of every dollar is skimmed. Via taxation – at least 40% or more of every dollar earned is transferred. Through just these two tools, trillions are transferred annually from the producers to the elite and the minions that knowingly or unknowingly do the elite’s dirty work of propaganda and indoctrination.

I don’t think the purpose is to drastically cut the population. This would result in wealth destruction of the elite. Wealth destruction is completely counter to the purpose of being “elite”. The purpose is to add to the size and number of hosts, therefore adding to the wealth of the leaches.

At least this is as far as I have progressed on this at the moment. I am certainly open to alternatives.

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