Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dr. Fekete, I agree on this one

Again, unable to post at the Daily Bell...so here it is:


I have strongly disagreed with Dr. Fekete's commentary here at the Daily Bell in the past, and have commented accordingly. This time, I agree. Morally and philosophically he is correct - by what "right" does the US have to dictate to its largest creditor that the creditor destroy the value of the debt owed?

None, of course, in a moral world.

However, I will posit that eventually, China will have no choice but to act and in fact will take actions that offer the least of several bad alternatives.

China will eventually back its currency with gold, silver, and/or other assets. China is currently securing these assets via contracts around the world. These are likely priced in USD. When they go to a gold backed Yuan, the Yuan will rise and the dollar will sink, making these commodities much cheaper for China to pay for.

They may bring Russia along for the ride, as Russia has plenty of resources for which they will want some currency besides the dollar in exchange, and Russia has a military that, when added to China's (although China could also somewhat go it alone) would deter any possible threat from the US. So Russia will trade protection for pricing in a (relatively) hard currency.

To China, the Anglo American power elite is a short term blip on a 6,000 year radar.

I believe I read it at the DB first, perhaps Mr. Suess - we are very likely in the midst of the real WWIII, and the battle will be played out financially, as the Bell has pointed out the world cannot afford to play this out militarily.

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