Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Prodigal Narrative

The narrative set off for a distant country, squandering its chance to tell us the truth and wasting its life in wild living.  Finally, deciding to return, those in search of the narrative were filled with compassion and burst into tears, hugging and kissing the narrative.  A feast would be thrown, all in honor of the lost narrative that was finally found.

Allow me to ramble.

I heard someone mention the other day, very matter of fact: the riots we are seeing on the street are caused by Trump supporters.  I was so taken aback that I actually responded (in hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have), offering my view that it was just the opposite.  I had never heard of such a thing.

Then a couple of bits of news fell into my life: from the single-most woke sports network (that I haven’t watched in months) comes this – from the talk show where getting yelled at is the highest calling – it is apparently now in the open that the protestors are right-wing agitators. (How did I find it, then?  Reading the one sports outlet that is offering something contrary to the Marxist perspective on these issues.)

And then there is this poll: thirty-three percent of likely voters believe that it is right-wing radicals responsible for the riots; this compared to about thirty-nine percent who believe it is left-wing radicals.  So, what I heard mentioned the other day is suddenly pretty mainstream – and must have been for at least a few weeks if it is reflected thus in the polls.

Before addressing this idea of a prodigal narrative, just a review of the situation: the protests are seemingly motivated by an organization led by those who openly claim to be Marxist, who disavow the family, who want to defund the police.  None of these would fit what one would label right-wing positions.

Until recently, we were told by the mainstream: the looting was reparation, the protests were peaceful (even while seeing burning buildings the background); democratic mayors were ordering the police to stand down, democratic district attorneys were refusing to prosecute rioters while prosecuting those who were defending property and life.  Nothing right-wing about these narratives; nothing at all.

Maybe I was only hearing half the story for the last three-plus months, but that is the story I was hearing – even from mainstream outlets.  Then, a few days ago, Nancy Pelosi and a couple other democrat mouthpieces started talking about being against the riots.  I heard none of that before.  When the riots were spoken about prior to this, they were justified.

So, now we are being told that the rioters are right wing agitators, and one-third of Americans believe this.  Well, if this was true all along – that one-third of Americans believed it – I missed the boat.  Where was this narrative from the beginning?  Or did I just miss it?  Were we being told this by the mainstream press and leftist politicians all along?

Admittedly, I watch none of the mainstream press.  However, I do receive newsfeeds from two of the more well-regarded outlets – well-regarded by the acceptable crowd.  I want to at least keep up with what is being fed to the in-crowd, those allowed to speak openly in public now that they have been told what to say.  It keeps me somewhat safe when I am interacting with those so consumed.  But even the alternative outlets make known the mainstream narrative – even if only to debunk these.  I saw none of this.

I don’t recall any of this “right-wing radicals” stuff come across either of these newsfeeds.  You would think at some point during 100 nights in Portland or during the burning of Kenosha this might have come up in the opening paragraph.

This idea of a prodigal narrative hasn’t been so in the past, when narratives made themselves known almost before the event.  Being exposed to the narrative couldn’t be avoided – the narrative flooded every outlet – mainstream and alternative (even if only to debunk it) alike.

Within minutes we knew: Osama bin Laden was responsible, the Russians downed the plane over Ukraine, Assad gassed his people, China caused the virus.  I could go on for an hour; you get the point.

Did I just miss it?  Was the mainstream telling us all along – from back in June – that the rioters were right-wing radicals?  When did this story pop-out into acceptable consciousness?  I really want to know; I hope I was not this lost.  It really is concerning if this is the case.

Now, is it possible?  Can it be right-wing radicals behind the riots – if not looting the stores and burning the cities, setting conditions that make the looting and burning possible?  Well yes…but not exactly.  Allow me some space on this.

These riots have been the best Trump re-election ads that could have been devised.  It doesn’t come out so easily in the election polls (people may not want to admit affinity toward Trump, and the polls were wrong about him four years ago anyway), but it did come out in a poll that exposed Americans’ declining views about sports, the connection of which I explain here.

So, I guess it’s possible that those behind Trump are also behind the riots.  But it would take a lot of effort by many agencies that up until this moment haven’t lifted a finger to work with what Trump voters believe Trump wants to do (what Trump may or may not want to do is a different matter).  Where are the indictments for Russiagate, for Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, for the Clinton foundation?  All of these things we have been promised for the last years?

They haven’t come and they certainly won’t come now so close to an election where the other side could win.  Why would career government employees risk their pension by indicting the incoming party?  It wasn’t going to happen and it isn’t going to happen.

But these same people would put together and implement a plan to get Trump re-elected?  Hard to imagine, except for two possibilities that I can think of.  The first: Trump has been a great diversion for the state.  All of the talk is focused on him, none of it on anything else.  This leaves much room for fun and games (like running trillions in deficits, locking down the country, and setting the stage for a total remake of civil society).  These things take years of planning, and a diversion helps during such times.

The second: the temperature in the country is not yet at a high enough level to bring on the massive changes desired.  Four more years of Trump will raise the level of vitriol and, potentially, violence, such that we will demand an open tyrant – even a complete change in the governance and economic structure.

It might not even take the full four years: say that the election results aren’t clear – you’ve read all these scenarios.  Whatever the outcome, and, especially if it takes weeks or months to figure it out, the temperature in the country will only further elevate.  Open violence on the streets and in the suburbs?  Any relief will be welcome, even by many Trump supporters.

So, while I am not sure that I would say that it is possible that it is right-wing agitators behind the riots, it is possible that it is forces who want Trump to win – but for a revolutionary purpose.


God only knows the answer.  Actually, Satan’s agents do as well.  The one thing I can say with certainty: we are all getting played – every one of us, left and right, Christian or not, gay or straight, black or white.  Sure, many are playing along – many of your friends and neighbors.  But we are all getting played.  The only thing that differentiates us from our fellow countrymen in this regard is to what extent we might be aware (or think we are aware) of the games being played. 

I have been chided recently for not advocating an aggressive response to what is happening around us.  It may come to this, but it only feeds into the game that is being played – which is one reason I won’t advocate it.  Mongo only pawn in game of life.  Even when the pawn thinks it is acting, it remains a pawn.

Prayer and fasting.  And church leaders who act as church leaders.  I have no other answers that could be effective.  These will be, if taken up in earnest.


  1. I linked to the article "act as church leaders." Sadly, my predictions about the return to church was correct. What is even sadder is that many of those 1/3 still attending still don't get that the church leaders are failing us. Only a small remnant of that remnant is "woke" to that reality.

  2. Once again you smelled it out and spelled it out with insightful, crystal clarity.

    Thank you.

  3. Since you mentioned prodigal with a quote mentioning "distant country" I assume the reference is to the story in the New Testament.

    I think you will like Keith Green's Prodigal Son Suite:

  4. I don't think Trump supporters are attacking policemen and threatening others to pledge allegiance to BLM. If they are, there are 100s of "journalists" that would be chomping at the bit to expose the false flag operation. They would be linking the people back to social media posts, organization affiliation, and voting patterns.

    None of that has happened. They make ambiguous assertions but nothing else. I have seen them since the violence in Portland started and the Feds went out there.

    On the other side, I read through Andy Ngo's feed. He details who is being arrested around the Northwest, posts their mug shots, gives brief descriptions of who they are, and notes if they are released without bail. Most of them are released the day after with no bail.

    All these people are super woke, white, Marxists. This is a left wing revolt. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    1. I didn't claim it was Trump supporters - not in the manner of regular "red" voters. But are you sure it is "nothing more, nothing less"?

      We have seen color revolutions around the world, where US agents have taken advantage of otherwise local protests to leverage these toward a larger agenda.

      We have seen many black protestors complain about the violence that these other black and white rioters are committing. In other words, peaceful protests usurped by outside actors for a different end.

      There could very well be people who want to see Trump in office for four more years, not for the reasons that the ordinary Trump voters would want, but for the reasons I mentioned above.

    2. Anything is possible. But I havent seen any data to support it so far.

    3. I know. I guess see my reply to ATL, below.

  5. This whole scenario reminds me of the the play in any contact sport, where guy A hits guy B. Then guy B, losing his wits, hits guy A back in full view of the all-of-the-sudden observant referee and receives the flag for a personal foul.

    Antifa/BLM and other various criminals, riot in the cities for weeks, months even, as city and state governments in Leftist locales restrain the police from handling the situation. Right wingers go to their nearby cities under riot, and try to protect businesses with their personal firearms. They predictably are attacked and kill some criminals in self defense. Now the narrative can be spun that right wingers are causing bloodshed at "mostly peaceful" protests. Maybe?

    Regardless, I don't think you missed anything. The Leftist media was downplaying the riots, calling them peaceful and whatnot, or ignoring them, didn't even mention them at the DNC, but once they realized that people were getting sick of them, and it was hurting Biden's polling, it was time for an injection of a new narrative. I'm not sure where or when this happened. Maybe it was just something Biden's addled brain blurted out, and his campaign managers and the DNC machine went to work to 'make it a reality'.

    I know it happened sometime after the DNC, because if this was the narrative they were pushing then, they would have mentioned it, a lot, like over and over and over. But nope. None of the Democratic speakers brought up the issue once. Instead, they pretended it didn't exist, which seems to imply they thought their side was culpable for it and didn't want to draw attention to it.

    I really hope 33% of the country isn't stupid enough to believe this, but honestly, at this point, it shouldn't be all that surprising.

    1. Everything you write on this rings true to me. But I was stunned enough by the few tidbits of information cited at the beginning of this post that I wanted to explore this issue.

      I cannot accept the "right-wing riot" stuff (beyond the small possibility of the false-flag I describe above), but now I want to be more attentive to narratives that make this believable (at least to 33% of my neighbors...which, by the way, this poll could over-sample loons just as the election polls there is that, I guess).