Saturday, February 19, 2011

Richard Maybury: The Bad

Now, for the bad:

6) He specifically points to America being a special place between 1945 and 2001. Others would refer to this as the height of Dreamtime. I certainly do.

This comment of his is somewhat unnerving. I will start of by suggesting that if there ever was a time that America was a special place, it was during the time that the Articles of Confederation were in effect. Except if you were black (and I do not say this lightly).

How could the time 1945 to 2001 be viewed as special? It was during this time that America led the way for one-world government schemes: The UN, IMF, and World Bank were all conceived under America's stewardship. America fought almost continuously in wars near and far. Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan are only a few of the big ones.

Income tax was fully introduced 30 years before this special time, as was the Federal Reserve. States were taught a vicious lesson in disagreeing with the central government 80 years before this special time, thereby eliminating the single best check and balance on the central state.

Income tax withholding was recently introduced. The gold standard was voided in 1971, ushering in US and global inflation in a massive scale rarely if ever before possible. Deficits skyrocketed once this last discipline was removed from the system.

Any remaining sense of balance brought on by the family and community was greatly harmed, if not destroyed, during this time. Divorce, abortion, births to unwed mothers all previously looked at as undesirable, now became accepted and even normal behavior.

How this period can be called special is beyond me. It might have been special in a secluded, surreal, "Father Knows Best" kind of way, but otherwise I am at a loss as to how this is so in the real world.

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