Friday, February 4, 2011

Destroy the Dollar?

I sometimes wonder about the men behind the mask. What of Bernanke? Does he really want to go down in history as the only head of a central bank of an industrialized country (if memory serves me) to fall into hyper-inflation absent the devastation of war or similar catastrophe. Would he want his name remembered this way? What about the board of governors, or the dozens of high level working stiffs?

Ben may be a true believer in central banking, but I doubt he is stupid. At minimum, he certainly knows enough to know he is playing with fire. How can he not? Even the "acceptable" (by mainstream) monetarists would agree that the risks in this current policy are great.

Is he willing to destroy his name forever in exchange for this seat of power? Has he agreed to take the risk because of promised wealth at the end of the rainbow? Or at the risk of personal harm if he doesn't go along? Does he really want to usher in a global currency, which would diminish his (or the institution's power) completely?

Did he really daydream as a child: "I will one day oversee the destruction of the US Dollar, once the most successful currency instrument in modern history"?

He looks too nervous for one who purposely wants to destroy. I don't think he has a psychological desire to be remembered in this way ... No answers, just wondering.

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