Saturday, February 5, 2011

Franco-German Hustle?

These events are quite interesting to watch...and live through?

Czechoslovakia could not keep two (or more) tribes together. Yugoslavia could not keep a half dozen (or more) together. The Soviet Union could not keep a dozen (or more) together.

I believe it was very much in the interest of the PE that these artificial conglomerations stayed intact, if for no other reason than the continued ability to keep the people on both sides of the wall in a state of fear. Yet, these states crumbled.

Little Belgium cannot keep two tribes together, yet we are to believe that all of Europe will hold big happy family?

Scholars much brighter than I am have concluded that the time of the nation-state as we know it is at an end, and society will form in smaller, more naturally-formed groups. The history of the last 50 years seems to prove this general direction. The laws of economics make the breakup of the current system certain, and no "law" or new "currency" can change this fact. The journey, obviously, might be a bit turbulent.

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