Saturday, July 2, 2022

Vaccine Inefficacy

Inefficacious: not able to produce the desired effect; ineffective.

I guess it depends on the desired effect….

This chart is from page 3 of a Walgreens COVID-19 Index file, available online here.  


Note that those who never took the jab have a lower positivity status than all other groups except for those who repeatedly take and recently have taken the jab.

Now, I am pretending that covid is a thing, that the tests are reliable and accurate, etc., etc., etc.

The above chart is for all age groups.  But try this, for age 65 and older:

And for those 45 – 64:

You are free to check the various age groups – some are not as damning (at least on the statistic of positivity rate) for the jab as the two age groups included above. 

I am not qualified to interpret the whats and whys of different results for different age groups.  I just find the raw data…curious.

Finally, from page 1 of the file:

We are now approaching the highs of last winter – in the summer we are approaching the high of the winter flu season.  Note the difference in the positivity rate this summer to last summer.

Inefficacious?  Or working as intended?