Thursday, January 6, 2011

re How to Use the Constitution, Dr. Machan

This editorial is found at The Daily Bell:

My reply, also posted at the host site:

"Honest constitutional study and understanding would be needed. Only then would the imperative to pay heed to the Constitution come to something valuable, important."

This statement is a nice summary of the problems inherent with a call for a "return to the Constitution." Those "bent on pushing other people around" will always find new meanings, loopholes, etc., one building upon the other in a never ending circle of more control. They fought a war that resulted in the deaths of over 600,000 to prove this point. They have eliminated state appointment of senators. They have ensured all "checks and balances" are those held by members of the home team.

These games will always be so when the people are convinced that one entity has the legitimate authority to write the laws, interpret them, and provide enforcement and adjudication. Today, some longingly look to congress to be the force to return to the Constitution (whatever that means). Dream on.

Until it is recognized that coercion is not a tool to be used by any individual in civilized society regardless of who signs the culprit’s paycheck, there is little in the document worth “returning” to.

The whole point of the Constitution was to protect the States and the people from Federal encroachment. The actual result was exactly the opposite. Lysander Spooner had it right.

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