Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perpetual War

Original article at The Daily Bell:

@Rick Spencer

“I feel the problem with this article and all others like it is that they are unwilling to admit to the evil that exists among men…”

There is no doubt evil exists in this world. I admit it.

“…and the hatred of many who want to destroy the U.S.”

Although one valid query is to ask why so many want to (supposedly) destroy the US, I will skip that one. Many need something to fear. Instead, I will ask, what power on earth could have destroyed the US? Don’t offer global nuclear holocaust, as those with the capability to “destroy” the US via nuclear means also knew the consequences of this attempt.

So who? Hitler? Saddam? Neither had the ability or desire to destroy the US. Hitler couldn’t even cross the channel (and never wanted to) let alone the Atlantic.

Men with towels on their heads living in caves? Nineteen men hijacking four planes? No ability to destroy the US here, other than setting in motion the completely suicidal reaction of the US Government. In this you have a point, although my guess is it is not the one you are attempting to make.

Who or what in the last 100 years posed this threat?

“What are we to do? Of course war is detestable and the last group that wants it is the military, as they along with their families are the major groups to personally suffer.”

If they don’t want to suffer, don’t volunteer. Don’t send their sons and daughters to fight 10,000 miles away against people who never did anything against them and never would or could anyway.

Certainly, defend the shores of America. A five thousand mile wide moat on both sides and a hundred million gun owners are a pretty good start toward national defense.

“Most readers were not around to experience WWII, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, or the present actions as have I. Without U.S. involvement in these you would have a far different life and the whining would be considerable higher.”

None of these conflicts posed a risk to the situation in the US. However, they each contributed to the bankruptcy of the US. They each contributed to destroying the productive capacity of the US – both man and machine.

The Great War would have ended with a much more just peace had not the US intervened. Germany would have reached a more reasonable settlement with France and England. Then, who knows? Does WWII even happen? And when it did, where was the risk to the US? Had FDR not done everything in his power to ensure the US was attacked, it is likely the US would not have even been attacked. The Cold War was an invention, it is now quite well recognized that the US regularly inflated Soviet capabilities in order to maintain an enemy. Korea? Where is the risk you are concerned about? Vietnam? The US lost, and the “free” world didn’t end as we were promised it would before and during the war.

And missing from your list: Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you have a special purpose in mind here as well? Retribution for the acts of 19 people? None of whom survived the event anyway?

Keep peeling back the onion, you will find even more evil behind the insanity of the last one hundred years. I have only outlined the first layer or two of the fallacy.

The sad part is that, despite all the evidence to the contrary to anyone who spends a little time looking, people still believe as you do. And they will continue to send their sons and daughters to kill people that never did them any harm, and they will continue to send their sons and daughters to be killed.

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