Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doug Casey, Argentina, and Gold Price Manipulation

So much venom aimed at Casey….

This seems to fall into two basic groups:

1) He is pushing his commercial interests when he speaks of Argentina.
2) He is a nut not to believe the gold manipulation story.

I will start with 1). Everyone has an agenda. If this is news to some, snap out of it. At least Casey states - RIGHT IN THIS INTERVIEW - that he has commercial interests in Argentina. How much disclosure do you require?

By the way, Casey also has a commercial interest in Ed Steer's daily report. And what does Mr. Steer regularly peddle? The gold manipulation story. Funny, Casey spent so much effort speaking against his interests on this - much more time on this than on Argentina.

As to item 2), I gave my view about this earlier; to summarize, all markets are manipulated. I can't get overly excited about gold manipulation

But let's say it is true - the gold market is in for extra heavy-duty manipulation - and all to suppress the price.

So what?

Sooner or later, the true market price of gold will win. The market has and will overcome all government efforts at manipulation in other markets - and when this has occurred, it has happened with a vengeance. The dot-com bubble burst, the real estate bubble burst. Both spectacularly. The 'manipulation' could not last forever.

Today's bond bubble will burst - spectacularly.

So, let's say the gold price is being manipulated down - call it a negative bubble. Look at it as a gift and buy more. If the manipulation is as bad as you think it is, when the true market price can no longer be suppressed, the price will explode, and you will be happier than you would have been (because you were able to buy more gold due to the price suppression) if you were paying the so-called non-manipulated price today.

It is so difficult to get excited about this so-called manipulation. The manipulators, to the extent they exist, are doing me a favor. Beat me with that stick as much as you want - what a problem to NOT worry about.


  1. IF the gold price is being manipulated in a down direction to hide the monetary malfeasance that has been ongoing, this contrarion does not mind. in the end, reality will assert itself and the effects of gold and monetary manipulation will not be denied. this is history.

    this contrarian also realizes that IF the gold price is being manipulated down, the basic underlying reasons will come to the fore eventually and the price of gold will EXPLODE beyond what it would have otherwise done. from this perspective, while manipulation may require one to wait a while for positive results, when the reality does assert itself gold will go way beyond what it would have otherwise done.

    in summary, IF manipulation is, indeed, a fact of life in the gold market, it will take gold longer to 'tell the truth' with respect to fiat money practices, but the overshoot from the manipulation will cause the final parabolic price of gold to go way beyond what it would have done otherwise. i am, therefore, not concerned about the everyday news.

    finally, the trend to worthless fiat has been, is and will continue to ongoing policy which, when combined with manipulation if present, will lead to much more gain for those of us who are investors based on the fundamentals.

    1. kirk, we are on the same page. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Couldn't agree more. I cheer on all price dips, and if there are suppressors out there I cheer them on as well!

    Nobody can beat the market, in the long run. No matter how 'master' the manipulator.