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Nelson Hultberg and Another New Third Party

Posted by Bionic Mosquito on 4/20/2011 10:51:04 AM
"What has been taking place in the American political arena for the past six decades is one of the most blatant spectacles of self-delusion in American history."

Very well said.

"Yet the nefarious destruction descending upon our country had its beginning in 1913. That was the year that brought us the Federal Reserve and the income tax, which brought us the false boom times of the 1920s, which brought us the necessity to extinguish the inflationary fires with the Great Deflation of the 1930s, which brought us FDR's welfare-state."

A far better conclusion than is propagated by others on these pages. Personally, I think the big knee-bend on the chart occurred in 1865, when the last real possibility of check-and-balance on the federal leviathan was utterly destructed in Lincoln's effort to preserve the union under all circumstances. What a criminal objective, and what a horrible outcome for us all, and more so for the 600,000 who died for such an objective.

However, all of this was made possible beginning in Philadelphia in 1787, if one is looking for the roots.

From the video, the party platform:

1) A 10% flat tax.
2) The Fed to inflate at 4% per year, with someday decades from now a return to a gold standard.

Sorry, Nelson you lost my vote....

Please, spend your time educating the American people on the true nature of the problems, and the more appropriate solutions. There will be no solution via a third party; there will be no solution via politics as we know it today. But people will look for solutions when these current promises break. Your efforts in properly educating them will make for a better outcome when that day arrives.

Posted by Bionic Mosquito on 4/20/2011 2:49:31 PM
@Nelson Hultberg

It is always a treat when the author of the editorial contributes to the further dialogue. Thank you for this.

There are two main evils that, if continued, will ensure that incrementalism in the direction you desire will never work. One is the public funding of education; the other is the Federal Reserve System: the demise of either one will likely secure the demise of the other. You ignore the one, and support the latter. That you ridicule libertarians for pointing this out suggests you understand little about levers of control over the population.

If you do not destroy these two pillars, it matters little what else you campaign on. Maintain these two pillars, and nothing much will change in America. That you suggest to people that there will be change absent dealing with these two subjects properly reveals a significant shortcoming on your part regarding understanding politics and money power.

I advocate for education. To the extent you or anyone provides proper education, even if through politics, you have my good wishes. The important issues will not be "won" via a vote of an ignorant population, but only when the population is properly educated.

You offer a platform no different than things I have heard from varying politicians and economists over my lifetime. Flat tax has been discussed forever; yet the tax code only grows. The Chicago School always taught that a Federal reserve could be controlled; yet how will such a powerful entity be controlled the next time the end of the world is declared by your Treasury Secretary?

"But be fully aware that you are doing your country and the cause of freedom no good."

Please save your lectures. Over the last few years, a very radical libertarian has become a most recognizable political face to Americans. For the last two years, he was probably the second most recognized congressman, after Pelosi. Today, I would guess more people know of him than Boehner. He wrote a book "Abolish the Fed." Yet with this "radical" background, millions pay attention to his every word. Most of these same millions were sound asleep even three years ago.

Now, do I think Ron Paul has been a success in passing legislation? Obviously, no. But no "victor" of political office has done more to change the dialogue in the right direction in this country in the last 50 years than Ron Paul has. The main objective should be to expand this dialogue, to bring more people in to understand it.

Instead of piling abuse on the working poor, as you did in your editorial, and then doubled-down in your reply to WorkingClass, teach them about the costs to them of the current system. Teach them that the reason they cannot get ahead is because of the tax system and the fiat dollar.

Make the Federal Reserve their enemy; it won't be difficult to do. When the average everyday Joe has the scales lifted from his eyes (and he will, as the governmental promises are broken), he will be quite angry. And you suggest you will pacify him by advocating that you know how to manage the same beasts that caused his destruction in the first place?

They might be working class poor, but they aren't stupid; they will not be so easily fooled. And you would have done your country and the cause of freedom no good.

Posted by Bionic Mosquito on 4/20/2011 4:23:53 PM
@Nelson Hultberg

I thank and applaud you for remaining engaged in the dialogue.

"This could be done tomorrow simply by passing a law mandating that the Fed can expand the money supply at no more than 4% annually, i.e., at the same rate that goods and services grow. Voila! No more inflation. Zero percent every year."

The law won't pass. Or it will pass with one thousand loopholes. Or it will be violated the first time someone screams that the world will end. History of politics proves this is so. What do you know to counter this unassailable fact?

Inflation will not be zero. The distortions may or may not be reflected in the prices. First recipients will still get the jump on the poor saps.

"What's more, this could be explained and sold to American voters very easily."

By the time you get done explaining any of this to them in a manner that results in true understanding, they will wonder why you are advocating keeping any part of the Fed in the first place.

"Getting rid of the Fed is going to take 30-40 years."

Do you really believe your 4% law will survive politics for 40 years? In any case, I think the Fed will die of its own accord much sooner. Absent proper education in the people, those in power will stick it to them anyway with whatever comes next.

"In addition our candidate will sound like "that crazy ol' Harry Browne" who wanted to get rid of the welfare state."

Actually, this is how you came across to WorkingClass and Bluebird, and I will say these are two of the more rational, well spoken individuals of just the ilk you will need to convince. All you have done here is scare them, or at least get them quite upset with you. Scared or upset, either way they won't make good supporters of your cause.

"And even Ron Paul got only 7% with that approach....But no, radical libertarians prefer obscurity and 1% of the vote."

Now it can't be both 1% and 7%, can it?

From 1% to 7% in one election cycle, and before the obviousness of both the catastrophe and cronyism was known to a large portion of society. What might be possible with the continuation of this economic mess? And it is sure to continue and we are sure to see worse.

You recognize this fact about Ron Paul, and yet you don't see the big picture. When I heard he was running (again) three years ago, I shrugged my shoulders with a "so what." Then I saw the first money bomb. Stunning, especially for an oldster like me who recalls fondly pulling the lever for Ron 20 years earlier. He reached such levels of success before the full extent of the catastrophe was even hinted at.

Yet, you advocate continuing to give power to the same people who brought on this destruction. The people will look at you like you just came from Mars when you peddle this witch's brew ("I will manage these monsters better") in the middle of the crisis.

You believe incrementalism in the "right" direction can be had, with all of the same tools of manipulation in place. I will say again, you understand nothing of politics and money power when such levers and tools are available.

"Geeesh! What a brilliant strategy to save America."

Yes, indeed...If America is to be saved with a central bank, fiat money, the obligation of taxpayers to self-report every financial detail of their lives, public education (which you do not mention) all remaining in place, then you have saved nothing. All the same levers of control and centralization will remain. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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