Friday, December 24, 2010

Re: New Elite Gambit Features 'Transparency?' at The Daily Bell

This is in reply to the article at The Daily Bell:

"Perhaps some fairly well known names might eventually face jail..."

This has been my view for some time (assuming we refer to the same thing). The politicians will perp walk many of the bankers, etc., in order to deflect attention and culpability from themselves as the economy continues to crumble. This would also serve the interests of the puppet masters (both to deflect attention, and perhaps as an aide to consolidating further the centralization). The idea of transparency fits right in with this strategy.

In this way, I see Ron Paul's Chairmanship as fitting in with the plan (regular readers should know a) I DO NOT believe Ron Paul is an insider or playing a role, and b) I am quite happy he is in the chair he is in). While his new found position may be playing into this transparency meme, I still feel it is valuable to the efforts of freedom because it offers the chance to educate. This is where the battle lies, and battles are not riskless. His seat in this chair can cut both ways (just as many fear the internet has positive and negative ramifications to freedom). But I digress.

There is apparently a bill that Kucinich will offer. The link is from a commentary by Shedlock, calling the bill (rightly) crazy, and wondering why Denninger is supporting such a crazy bill:

I have earlier commented on this bill myself:

In short, the bill would take the money function away from the Fed and give it to Treasury and Congress. Ellen Brown on steroids.

Why do I introduce this here? Some background:

1) I think TPTB understand full well the risks of central banking and FRB.
2) Knowing the risks, they know how to exploit the system to their advantage.
3) Knowing the risks, they knew that the end would come sooner or later.
4) They may or may not have known the magnitude of the drastic calamity that in fact now seems to have arrived. In other words, they knew it would be bad. They may or may not have wanted it to be this bad.
5) Now that it is this bad (whether by design or not), they must make lemonade out of lemons. Use this as an opportunity to further centralize. One world currency being one of the key, if not THE key, objectives.
6) But the world isn't ready yet. Delay and stall, keep the economy crutched, not allowing markets to clear therefore not allowing the economy to recover and grow.
7) This helps drive home the point to the masses that times are desperate.

What does this have to do with the Kucinich Bill? The one system more certain to ruin a currency than a central bank system is one where money is controlled by publicly elected politicians. If the intent is to ruin the currency in order to motivate the public to accept a one world currency, this bill will gain traction. As the rest of the world uses USD as the reserve currency, ruin the dollar and you drastically diminish the worth of any other currency (what is the value of a currency that has as its reserves the worthless USD?). Also, for the bill to gain traction, we need a few big economic shocks as we had at the end of 2008.

This bill may be the replacement for the failure of the global warming sales pitch, itself a scam to bring to fruition world-wide money in the form of carbon credits. An audible hastily called on the line of scrimmage to try to replace that which was lost after decades of preparation. Again, another reason for the extend and pretend we are seeing today.

To Dr. North’s point in his critique of Brown: A false flag infiltrator, meant to gain the conservative’s support. “Yes, end the Fed. I heard that somewhere. This bill will do just that. It must be good. Certainly Ron Paul should support it, that's what Denninger said.” As witnessed by Denninger, this bill should gain a relatively large base of supporters from the ignorant.

This will be interesting. If we see some big economic shocks in the coming year (certainly quite likely) this will make it almost certain that a) we will see perp walks for some of the bankers (Congress will do whatever necessary to deflect blame), and b) this Kucinich bill will gain traction (“we must take this power away from this cartel and return it to the control of government where it – falsely - Constitutionally belongs”).

My one hesitation is that it is still all too fast. Can the public’s mindset be brought around so quickly? Even with the decades of indoctrination this seems like a big step. This suggests one of three possibilities: 1) TPTB are quite desperate (as TDB has often suggested), 2) the crash that is in store for us will be massive (got your beans and bullets?).

The third possibility…my tin foil hat is much too tight today!

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