Monday, October 10, 2022

Time to do Our Part

I am certain Lew Rockwell won’t remember this, but the first time I wrote to him was in 2008.  The blacklisting of Ron Paul’s election campaign had fully achieved its purpose, and I asked him where the energy of the Ron Paul Revolution might be transferred.  He didn’t know me at all – he had no reason to reply.  But he did.

He mentioned three or four libertarian / Austrian Economics institutions – to include the Ludwig von Mises Institute, suggesting any of these would be good organizations to support.

Why do tell this story?  Before getting to the main purpose of this post, I wanted to say something of the man.  You know what Lew didn’t say?  He didn’t say anything about his relationship with the Mises Institute (I didn’t know at the time).  He didn’t highlight as something to be considered over any of the others.  I only figured this out after I went to the different sites.  I then thought, “this is a humble man.”

Shortly after this, I met Lew in person.  I remember thinking, “this is a man doing God’s work.”  I don’t think I could fully understand why I believed this at the time (although I was certain of it); I do better understand it today.  Lew advances ideas that help man live as God designed him to live, as opposed to living how “the Conditioners” of C.S. Lewis’s Abolition of Man wish man to live.  Yes, Lew is doing God’s work.

I have since got to know Lew fairly well, and I would say two characteristics stand out.  The first, as represented in the above: he is a very humble man.  The second, when it comes to entrepreneurship in the world of ideas that underlie liberty and economic freedom, he is second to none.

He is the founder of the most important institution for liberty, economic freedom and peace: the aforementioned Mises Institute.  He also has his blog, (LRC).  The purpose of this post regards LRC.

It was about a year ago when google cancelled LRC.  No more ads.  This action significantly impacted the operating budget of the site.  Suddenly, and without notice, the continuing operation of the site was at risk.

At the time, Lew wrote about this and in fairly short order the countless number of people who see value in Lew’s work supported the site with funds to cover the next several months of lost revenue.

I was reminded of all of this the other day, when on the site an ad popped up asking for donations.  My first thought: why did I need to be reminded this way?  Lew did mention that the fundraising last year would last until around now, and here it is.

Before making my ask (and I will ask), please consider: how much value have you received from Lew’s work at LRC?  I can offer countless personal examples, from economics, liberty, anti-war, revisionist history, health and wellness, etc.  In all cases, alternative views – views that few others would cover, or would be courageous enough to cover.  In all cases, offering ideas that help free a man to live as he is designed to live.

But I will stick to one example, and it goes back to March of 2020.  From the beginning of the grips of covidiocy, Lew offered one of the first sources questioning the story.  I don’t mean he beat CNN or MSNBC (which in my lifetime won’t figure this out).  I mean one of the first anywhere, including the alternative blogosphere. 

I focus on this event, because including nine-one-one (on which Lew also has offered many articles exposing the inconsistencies and lies) and JFK in November 1963 (ditto), the events of the last 30 months have been the most important events since 1865 in the government’s war on Americans.

Lew has not shied away from any of it.  Every day, six days a week, he offers a dozen or so articles exposing the various ways in which authorities of all stripes are working to keep the sheep in line.  Every day he offers further links to other alternative articles through Political Theater.  And he makes available a further blog to include posts by others such as Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute, Tom DiLorenzo, Laurence Vance, Charles Burris, Walter Block, and others (I miss Becky Akers).

The site runs on two things: Lew’s dedication…and money.  Lew is doing his part; he remains dedicated to his craft and to his readers. 

You can tell something of a man by his enemies, and Lew’s enemies have done their work to remove the financial support necessary to run such a site.

It is time for the rest of us to do our part; if you find value in Lew’s work, and obviously many of you do, donate now.

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