Saturday, July 2, 2022

Vaccine Inefficacy

Inefficacious: not able to produce the desired effect; ineffective.

I guess it depends on the desired effect….

This chart is from page 3 of a Walgreens COVID-19 Index file, available online here.  


Note that those who never took the jab have a lower positivity status than all other groups except for those who repeatedly take and recently have taken the jab.

Now, I am pretending that covid is a thing, that the tests are reliable and accurate, etc., etc., etc.

The above chart is for all age groups.  But try this, for age 65 and older:

And for those 45 – 64:

You are free to check the various age groups – some are not as damning (at least on the statistic of positivity rate) for the jab as the two age groups included above. 

I am not qualified to interpret the whats and whys of different results for different age groups.  I just find the raw data…curious.

Finally, from page 1 of the file:

We are now approaching the highs of last winter – in the summer we are approaching the high of the winter flu season.  Note the difference in the positivity rate this summer to last summer.

Inefficacious?  Or working as intended?


  1. I have to admit. I don't know what is happening with vaccines. Months ago the data proved vaccines weren't a net positive, at least for many age groups. I quit paying attention at that point. Plus the federal requirement on private businesses to get them was struck down. But it is obvious they aren't efficacious by any reasonable definition of that.

    The ironic thing is that the one that had the least amount of side effect, J&J, has been restricted for use in the USA. It is clear to any thinking person there are massive conflicts of interest, at the least.

    I personally don't trust people who keep pushing the official narrative, which means I don't trust some of my doctors or my employer.

  2. The number of otherwise intelligent human beings who got the jab shocks me. I found the entire COVID-19 narrative suspect from the beginning, but the Wuhan Flu Shot just plain scared the living daylights out of me--if for no other reason than it was rushed to market.

    I lost my job over non-compliance, but I don't regret my decision. Even if I had emerged from the jab with no immediate adverse effects, I would have worried about that ticking timebomb injected in me. Subsequent life insurance death claim statistics have only confirmed my fears.