Monday, May 31, 2021

In Memoriam


Today is Memorial Day.  On this day I would like to reflect upon the ideas and topics that are no longer allowed, ideas and topics where discussion is not an exchange of ideas but limited to a recitation of approved talking points, those ideas and topics that gave their lives as the greatest sacrifice in service to our enslavement.

In some cases, the death of these topics has been building for years – the illness long-known but only recently realized as fatal; in others, the death was sudden, an illness unknown or barely known even a year ago.

Here are the items, with no further explanation and in no particular order:


Viruses (this one with many sub-topics, ranging from the efficacy of masks to travel and dining to seeing family and friends to injections)

Race (including critical race theory)

Gender (including all non-binary classifications and sub-classifications)

Sexual orientation



Christianity (ranging from God, the Bible, church attendance…unless the church supports the accepted narrative and condemns the alternative narratives on all of the above topics)

I will now pause for a moment of silence.


  1. ....(after an appropriate pause)

    You forgot:


    Immigration (including border security and merit based immigration)

    Gang Violence

    Puplic Education

    Climate change (I almost didn't include this one, because it should fall under the included topic of "science." But, the fact that a person could become the one of the most prominent proponents of this issue while still in middle school, says differently.)

  2. Central banking/monetary policy/financial policy.