Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Bye, Daily Bell

Today, only one editorial at The Daily Bell, entitled “Hasta La Vista”:
Well, it has been a great ride. Much has been accomplished at The Daily Bell and I, as founder and chief editor, have decided it is time to allow The Daily Bell to stand as is, as a historical testimony describing our current troubled and exciting times.

I will likely write something more about this in the near future.  For now, suffice it to say “thank you, Anthony.”


  1. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


  2. That was jarringly abrupt. I hope it was completely voluntary, but I'm sure it was a huge expense of time and energy that might be better used to his personal gain rather than trying to bring enlightenment to the likes of "weeble" and myself. It's a little ironic how many talented folks work so hard for free to spread the doctrine of "selfishness". Thanks, Anthony, and thanks BM.

  3. I stopped reading DB posts a long time ago. When I read one of their latest articles on LRC, I remembered why I did so. It all comes down to statements like "dollar is being destroyed intentionally to foster a world currency" or sth. of that sort. So, if powers-that-be didn't want it, a fiat currency could live forever, eh? So, what happened to Austrian school analysis? What happened to the fact that no fiat currency has ever lived more than a couple of decades?

  4. I was literally stunned to see that DB had closed up shop. My jaw was agape the entire time I was reading Anthony's farewell. This is just unbelievable. They've been my Home Page for years. First thing I see in the morning, last thing at night. Now nothing. No warning. Just Gone. I feel such a deep sense of loss with their closure and for me personally, this year, it's just one more unexpected, unwelcome and unhappy, event in a string of them since January 2. I will sorely miss them and all their readership whose commentary made DB doubly enjoyable. WHY couldn't it be the freaking government closing it's doors instead. Today it seems like any light at the end of the tunnel will always be the headlights of an oncoming train instead. I'm really depressed over this and rather feel like I've lost members of a family I knew but never got to meet. Best of luck, DB, and Shalom. Lyn

  5. I will add my voice to the blues. It sure seems like I lost a dearest friend. Earlier today I asked what else could possibly go wrong and found out! So long, friends. Bluebird

  6. This is a day late and probably won't be read but I, too, shall miss Anthony, DB and all its wonderful feed-backers, an intelligent and passionate group of individuals. Perhaps we can all meet here. kettledrum

  7. Hi, Bionic: I just read your follow up article on DB's closure. I had forgotten about Anthony's urging us to all stay tuned for bigger and better things to come. And that wasn't but what, maybe a week or so ago? Something more critical must have happened between then and yesterday that necessitated his attention elsewhere. Perhaps someday he will post a follow up to better explain this sudden change of plans.

    I think Kettledrum has a good idea about all of us meeting here. You are a prolific, intelligent writer despite your tendency to humbly eschew this statement when I've made it in the past. It could be another opportunity just as your experience at the Daily Bell led you to start writing your own blog! Hopefully, all the feedbackers won't just say goodbye but welcome going forward from here if only to remain in touch with kindred souls that truly grasped the bigger picture, as well as all of the little nuances of the welfare/warfare state and it's increasing detriment to mankind. In truth, It's more than just losing the Daily Bell. It's losing ALL the intelligent and engaging commentary from their readership that for the most part, remained consistently a part of their site. Whatever you do, BM, DON'T shut down YOUR blog....Lyn

    1. Lyn, thank you for the kind words.

      It is always a treat for me when a regular from the DB community posts something here. I would also enjoy it if this continued....

  8. Andrew Wiles article (July 5th) Our General Solicitiation- Opportunity and Pledge which said they're not changing, just getting better and bigger, is encouraging. I will miss the Daily bell and anticipate their next oeuvre with bated breath.