Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Women's World Cup

I do not intend to write a story about the match against Brazil yesterday. Enough (yet not enough) has been said about the wonderful finish to the game.

I only would like to touch on my view of the events.

Many will take pride in the nationality. "USA, USA, USA" and all that. Because some women happened to be born in or otherwise have some connection to a specific geography, I guess.

I saw eleven women (ten, actually) that never gave up. Stunning to see the tying goal with perhaps one minute to go in over 120 minutes played. When all legs should be lost, even if hope might not be (no, I don't mean the goalkeeper).

One may not be able to take pride in another's accomplishment; so I will take this joy: One might say that there is no hope, it is too late, etc., in any personal or group pursuit. But for this group of women, they did not buy this, not on this day. I am happy for them, as a team and as individuals.

The color of uniform is secondary, the passport used for travel is irrelevant. Whoever they are and wherever they are from, this group of ten did something truly remarkable.

It is enough. No need to turn it into a false form of patriotism.

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