Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why the Wars? part 2


Posted by Bionic Mosquito on 3/22/2011 12:05:21 PM


"Damn those who put our children in these places, for these reasons."

I agree with the sentiment of your post. I only use this one quote of yours to make a point: it is the parents of those children that will be most answerable for the children being put in these places.

The track record of falsities and lies behind war is so long and obvious to anyone even casually interested in discovering the truth. Even if one believes all the propaganda for the wars through 1945, how is it possible to accept the stories behind Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, or Afghanistan?

There is nothing of protecting the US behind any of these wars. No such interpretation is possible.

For thirty years or so, every child sent overseas to murder others they have never previously met (and who have never done a thing to harm an American) has gone voluntarily. No compulsion, no draft. They have done so knowing the track record of the war machine, and if they didn't know it...well, ignorance is no defense.

The burden is on the parents. They raise the children this way. They teach them that this is honorable. Do not be mean to Sally next door, but go 10,000 miles away and destroy the lives of countless people who never did you harm.

I have posted this here before, it is a good time to post it again. A scene from "The Americanization of Emily." James Garner gives a wonderful explanation of the concept I am struggling so hard to convey in this post:


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